Virtual Sensor Data Collector for JEDI One

Virtual Sensors have been added as a data collector type.  They are perfect for prototyping a design before real sensors are available.  Sensor data is read from a CSV file and collected by JEDI One at a specified interval as if it is coming from real sensors.  The data from these virtual devices can then be visualized using dashboards, used to setup rules, trigger actions, alerts and messages, and stored in the local database. Virtual_Sensor.png

Collector Name: Unique name for this collector

Collector Type: Select "Virtual Sensor"

Virtual Sensor Device ID: Unique Device ID name (name that will show up in rules, dashboards, etc. for this data source)

Send Data Every: enter the delay in seconds between sending each line of sensor data from the CSV file.  Once the last line is sent, it starts over at the beginning of the file looping continously until the collector is disabled or deleted.

Import CSV File: Browse for file containing CSV sensor data (in format shown below).  The contents of the file will be shown in the "CSV Data" window

question-circle.png : Clicking on this symbol shows CSV Data Format Help and the option to download a sample CSV file (Shown below).



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