Rules - Schedule and Schedule with Condition Types

v2.1 introduces two new rule types, Schedule and Schedule with Condition:

Type Description
Schedule Triggers an action at a regular time interval
Schedule with Condition Evaluates the specified condition at a regular time interval



One example of where the Schedule rule type is useful is when working with IoT devices that only 'speak when spoken to'; this necessitates polling them to initiate a data transfer.  With Schedule, JEDI One can run an action plugin at regular intervals to do this.

Select Schedule from Rules -> Rule Type. Example:


The action plug-in, Run discovery plugin is executed every 15 minutes.


Schedule with Condition

Perhaps the evaluation of a rule needs to be done at a regular cadence (every 3 minutes, every 5 hours, every 12 days, etc.).  Schedule with Condition is designed to care for this scenario.

Select Schedule with Condition from Rules -> Rule Type. Example:


The metric, /bme2800326/tempF is evaluated by JEDI One's rules engine every 30 minutes and if the property exceeds 70, an email notification is sent.

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