MQTT Broker - Subscribing to a topic

v2.1 adds the ability for an external MQTT client to subscribe to a topic.  JEDI One topics include all data coming into JEDI One from any source (not just MQTT).  From within the MQTT client code or application, subscribe to a topic as follows:

For a specific data stream:


Where datacache is the fixed, top level topic from JEDI One, and TargetID is the TargetID or IP address of the data stream of interest.



Using MQTT Explorer, here is how to subscribe to the data stream, ESP32SensorUV1 on a JEDI system at IP address Create the connection (for this example, this is an unencrypted, standard MQTT connection with a username and password as specified in the JEDI One MQTT Broker data collector setup).


Now click on ADVANCED:

Please note, MQTT Explorer by default subscribes to all topics using the wildcard, #.  Delete this entry.

Enter the desired topic as described above.  For this example, the topic is subscribing to a metric (TargetID = ESP32SensorUV1) that has multiple properties so # is used at the end of the topic string:


Click BACK, and then CONNECT.  Here are the results:





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