Raspberry Pi - Installing JEDI One as a Service

IMPORTANT: Install Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian updates first

Open a terminal window on the Pi and execute these commands:

$sudo apt update
$sudo apt full-upgrade

Install Machinechat JEDI One software

JEDI One is a small, single binary file. There are many ways to get JEDI One on to the Pi. It can be downloaded via the browser on the Pi or the SCP command can be used on Mac and Linux or WinSCP on Windows. Mac example:


Here’s how to pull the file off of a USB Drive and place it in its own directory:

Now make JEDI One executable, install and start the service (in this example, a sub-directory "jedi" was created under /home/pi and the JEDI One binary was placed there):


Once the service is started, JEDI One will build it's database in the directory where the binary is placed:


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