Understanding JEDI One


JEDI One is a ready-to-use IoT data management software solution.

With JEDI One IoT data manager you can:

  • Easily collect data from sensors, devices and machines without the need to write custom firmware or APIs
  • Build intuitive real-time and historical data and system view dashboards in seconds
  • Create rules to monitor and respond to data conditions automatically
  • Receive alert notifications by email and SMS
  • Monitor the status and latency of machines on the network

JEDI One Use Cases

Use JEDI One to:

  • Create a private, subscription-free alternative to cloud-based data visualization, collection, storage, and monitoring
  • Deploy IoT device data processing and monitoring to existing networking gateways, device servers and single board computers in minutes without the need to write custom firmware or code for every device
  • Transform a single board computer (such as Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone) into a data hub for wired and wireless sensors
  • Add a shareable, data-rich, intuitive graphical interface to your turnkey product that can be easily integrated into any IoT network
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