Adding and managing users


JEDI One is a multi-user application that can be used by two different types of users - admins and users. Depending upon the license, there is a limit to the number of total users allowed.

Admin users can:

  • Create, edit and delete dashboards
  • Add, edit and delete data collectors
  • Create, edit and delete rules
  • Add, edit and delete monitoring targets
  • Configure JEDI One
  • Add, edit, enable/disable, delete other users
  • Manage licenses

Normal users can:

  • View dashboards
  • Edit their own user profile

Add, edit and delete users in the Manage Users settings page:


Adding a new user

To add a new user, click the add-user.jpg  button on the user management page.

Managing users


  1. Edit a user
  2. Reset user password
  3. Enable/disable user
  4. Delete user
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