Sensor Simulator for JEDI One - a Custom Plug-in Data Collector

Here is a simple custom plug-in data collector written in Python that will generate random data for use within JEDI One.  This is especially useful when actual sensors/devices are not available.  It generates integer, floating point, boolean and string data.  Feel free to modify the code as desired.  Steps:

1.  Copy the Python code listed below into a file, place this file in the plugins subdirectory where JEDI One is running.  Make sure the file is executable and that the first line of the code points to the location of Python3 on the platform.  (For more info, check out: Writing plug-ins to send data to JEDI One. Also if running on WIndows see: Python plug-ins on Windows).

2.  Setup this custom plug-in "" as a data collector.  Here's a quick video:

3.  Now the data from this collector can be used to create rules, notification, alerts, and data dashboards.  Here's a sample data dashboard built with the data coming from the Python code below:

Python source code:


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