BeagleBone - Installing JEDI One as a Service

The video below demonstrates the following steps to install JEDI One:

  1. Move the downloaded BeagleBone "mcjedi.bin" file to a directory on the BeagleBone (In the video below, a directory, "jedi2" is created in the debian user's home directory and the file is sent from another system using the scp command).
  2. Set the "mcjedi.bin" file as executable: sudo chmod 777 ./mcjedi.bin
  3. Jedi One can now be run from the command line:  sudo ./mcjedi.bin
  4. Open a browser and point it at the BeagleBone's IPaddress:9123 (example: and login: user: admin, password: admin.  Follow prompts to accept EULA, change password and enter challenge questions.  Connecting to JEDI One for the first time.

To have JEDI One start up everytime the BeagleBone is booted, install it as a service.  Just simply enter the following two commands while in the directory where JEDI One is installed:

  1. sudo ./mcjedi.bin -service install
  2. sudo ./mcjedi.bin -service start




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