The Seeed Studio SenseCAP data collector

Exclusive to JEDI Pro SSE (Seeed Studio Edition) is a built in data collector for gathering data from Seeed's SenseCAP line of LoRaWAN sensors via a ChirpStack Network Server.  Setup of the collector is quick and easy:

  • Select "Settings" then "Data Collectors" from the navigation panel
  • Click on "ADD COLLECTOR"
  • Select "Seeed Studio SenseCAP" as the Collector Type
  • Give the collector a name
  • Select a Listen IP ("Any" to listen on all interfaces or select one of the specific interfaces listed)
  • Add a port number to listen on (this should be unique / not used elsewhere)
  • Click on "SAVE"

Once device data starts coming in from ChirpStack (via the HTTP integration), it will show up under "Active Targets".  Here's a configured and working example:


Make sure you configure the ChirpStack software to send the LoRaWAN sensor data to JEDI Pro.  (The following assumes that ChirpStack has been installed, configured and is receiving LoRaWAN sensor data via a LoRaWAN gateway).

From the ChirpStack webpage click on "Applications" then on the configured application name ("Agriculture1" on this system).  Now select "Integrations" and then "ADD" or "EDIT" the HTTP Integration.


Now all that is needed is to add the IP address and Port number of the JEDI Pro SSE SenseCAP data collector to the Endpoint URL list (In this example, JEDI is running on the same host as ChirpStack so the local host IP address is specified: and Port 8090 is the port number configured above).  The data can also be forwarded to other JEDI systems as desired (3 total hosts in this example).  Make sure to click "Update Integration"


If there are issues with the sensor data not being sent to JEDI (data not showing up in "Active Targets" or in the Device Dashboard), check the ChirpStack logs.  By default, SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors send their data once per hour, so it could take a while to see anything show up.


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