Adding additional dashboards

JEDI Pro and JEDI Pro SSE (Seeed Studio Edition) allow administrators to setup additional dashboards.  A total of 1 device, 4 data, and 4 system dashboards can be configured.   These can be uniquely named (including the default dashboards as described here *** add link when live).  To add, delete or modify dashboards:

  1. In the navigation bar, select "Settings", then "Dashboard Manager"
  2. Here "ADD DASHBOARD" can be selected (up to the limits specified above), or
  3. Click on the pencil icon mceclip0.png to modify an existing dashboard, or
  4. Click on the trash icon mceclip0.png to delete an existing dashboard (be careful!)

The actual construction of individual dashboards (adding tiles, graphs, gauges, etc.) is done by selecting the specific dashboard from the navigation bar and adding elements to it.  The article linked here shows how.

In the system below, a total of 6 dashboards have been created:


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