JEDI Pro, JEDI Pro SSE - OS Maximum Open File Limits

Because JEDI Pro accepts 200 simultaneous device connections, multiple dashboards, and multiple users, it may require that the maximum open file limits value for the operating system be increased.  Typically the symptom is JEDI Pro is unresponsive to incoming HTTP requests (from sensors or browsers).  You should try increasing the maximum open file limits in 4K (4096) increments.  The default limits on some desktops (like MacOS) is only 256 files (ulimit -a command).

If you are running JEDI Pro from a terminal window, this can be done as a shell command (ulimit) prior to launching JEDI Pro.  If you are running JEDI Pro as a service, you will need to make sure and make the change globally.  How to do make this change varies by operating system, version, etc.  A search of the internet with your OS, version number and "increase open file limit" will lead you to the needed specifics.


Here are some useful articles to look at:




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