Example flow for Machinechat JEDI Connector for Node-RED

Attached is an example flow that demonstrated the Machinechat JEDI Connector for Node-RED.  It receives weather information from Openweathermap, and sends it on to JEDI.  

node-red-flow-owm.pngYou will need to:

  1. Download and Import the attached flow (below) in to your Node-RED environment
  2. Create a free Openweathermap account
  3. Generate an API Key
  4. Copy and paste the API key into the openweathermap node
  5. Insert a valid city, country pair


  1. Configure the Machinechat JEDI Connector node
  • Enter the IP address of the machine where JEDI is installed (example "")
  • Enter the JEDI HTTP Collector Port number (8100 by default)
  • Enter a unique name for the target ID (example "owmnodered1")



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