Sending MQTT messages to JEDI - ESP32 example


Jedi has a built in MQTT Broker (Server) that will collect data from sensors and machines using this protocol.  The broker flattens the JSON data which is sent to it, thereby making it easier to find the incoming information and use it within dashboards, rules, etc.

The best way to test this capability is by following the instructions here.  The MQTT broker is highly configurable but it is recommended to start simple with the instructions above.  Then you can add security, web-sockets and more.

Digi-Key has posted many examples of adding MQTT to various platforms, enabling them to talk to JEDI.   Go to:, and search for "jedi MQTT".

The following example will also be helpful.  It is written specifically for the ESP32 module using the Arduino programming environment but it is easy to see what is being sent to JEDI:





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