Release Notes for all JEDI products v3.0 - July 5, 2022


Machinechat JEDI v3.0

This is a major update. Please read the releases notes completely before upgrading from v2.x.

Licenses for v2.x WILL NOT work with v3.0.

  • If you purchased v2.x license on or after Jan 1st, 2022 you are eligible for a free upgrade to v3.0 by sending your v2.x license to
  • The resource limits in JEDI One v3.0 have changed. If these changes (listed below) affect you, please DO NOT upgrade to JEDI One v3.0
  • If you are affected by the changes to JEDI One v3.0 resource limits, you may be eligible for an upgrade to JEDI Pro at a special upgrade price, Please contact

Summary of changes in v3.0


Machinechat JEDI v3.0 has several under-the-hood updates to support custom branding, features and licensing for customers integrating JEDI into their products and solutions.

  • New serial data collector enables ingesting data from serial ports. You can now collect data directly from Arduino or OEM dev kits
  • JEDI Pro: New full screen kiosk experience
  • Added feature to clear license, users and notification settings to enable pre-configured Machinechat JEDI distributions
  • Simplified workflow for adding new data sources when creating data dashboards

JEDI One updated resource limits:

  • 10 devices
  • 10 widgets per dashboard
  • 10 rules
  • ONE data dashboard
  • ONE system dashboard
  • ONE device dashboard
  • ONE data collector per type
  • ONE user (admin-only)

JEDI Pro resource limits:

  • 200 devices
  • 20 widgets per data dashboard
  • 50 widgets per system dashboard
  • 30 rules
  • 4 data dashboards
  • 4 system dashboards
  • ONE device dashboard
  • ONE MQTT broker data collector
  • MULTIPLE data collectors of other types
  • 10 users

For questions or help with Machinechat JEDI One or JEDI Pro contact

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