Adding Controls to Data Dashboards

Version 3.1 JEDI introduces the ability to add controls to data dashboards. With a control, a user can input a value which will then be saved into a predefined metric. The resulting metric can be used to trigger notifications or to execute an action plugin, using rules.
There are four types of controls available:

1. Push Button



2. Toggle Switch



3. Slider


Note: Sliders only work with Number type metrics

4. Data Input
Before creating a control, it is important to have a metric created to hold the data value from the control. This is done from the Device Dashboard. Select it from the navigation panel on the left side of JEDI:
Now select ADD NEW DATA SOURCE (as shown above). Enter a Unique ID and Property Name for the metric to store the control value in. Also select the desired property type: String, Number, or Boolean (Sliders only work with type Number). Here is an example of creating a new metric to hold a Boolean value (true or false):
Watch the video below to see how easy it is to add a control, and monitor it, within a data dashboard:
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