Release Notes for all JEDI products v3.1 - September 27, 2022


Please read the releases notes completely before upgrading from your current release.


Summary of changes in v3.1

  • NEW: CONTROL WIDGETS in data dashboards. You can now add push button, toggle, slider and data input controls to data dashboards and set metric values. Then, create rules using metrics to trigger actions. You can also connect to the built-in MQTT broker and subscribe to the metrics to respond to controls.
  • NEW: Configure MIN and MAX values for line and area charts.
  • NEW: Support for narrow and wide spacing between charts in data dashboards.
  • NEW: Centralized "Add Data Source" workflow from device dashboard.
  • NEW: Support for networks with proxy servers using configuration file, used for license activation.
  • NEW: Data collector for SparkFun OpenLog hardware. (Available in select software editions)
  • IMPROVED: Default color palette for charts in data dashboards.
  • DEPRECATED: "Tile Legacy" chart type.
  • Bug fixes and other internal enhancements.
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